HELA Lanyard


Burly abrasion and cut-resistant helo lanyard

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Our HELA lanyard is the industry standard for an abrasion and cut-resistant helo lanyard.  It is the strongest personal helo lanyard out there.  Standard issue for several JSOC units for the last 5 years, passed strict Army straight and edge drop tests: this is the lanyard for you when you have other things to think about.

HELA’s unique, two-layer, construction gives it superior strength and resistance to the shear forces created over helo decks and other edges.  If the outer sheath is compromised, a red inner layer is exposed, warning the operator to discontinue use.  Available with looped ends for girth hitching, a sewn-in ISC snaphook and a heavy-duty Ronstan QR snap shackle. 


*Intended to be used as a restraint device to limit operators’ movement while traveling inside of helicopters or aircraft when there are no other restraint systems available.

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MILSpec webbing in OD Green, ClimbSpec webbing in Tan, Custom color


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