An adjustable, diagonal-strap pack harness with Attaching Straps for a complete system.

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Standard issue across USSOCOM, the SOF Harness System is a patented,  adjustable, diagonal-strap pack harness designed for Airborne Operations.  The X-shape and adjustable cross-strap secure all manner of odd shapes and pack configurations.  Complete with the dual-point release PASS straps, the SOF harness system allows greater stability and a more controlled release. The harness de-rigs fast and easily stores in a cargo pocket.  USASOC Approved, Standard USSOCOM-issue.

• Adjustable cross strap enables a secure fit: from assault packs to the tallest RECCE pack
• Lightweight at 1.2 lbs
• Certified, rated, MIL-SPEC hardware
• Made in USA -Berry Amendment compliant
• NSN 8465-01-668-2878
• U.S. Patent: 10,953,993

SOF Harness System Spec sheet

SOF Harness Rigging Instructions_MFF


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